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PeopleSoft Financials was implemented at the teaching institutions of the University System of Georgia, along with the University System Office (USO), under the project name “GeorgiaFIRST” in January 1998. The GeorgiaFIRST PeopleSoft Financials application model is a fully integrated, Oracle-based technology suite of software applications managing the financial data that meet BOR and USG institutional needs for information used in decision-making. The single application model and a consolidated database containing the data for all institutions are centrally hosted at ITS, and ITS distributes all software upgrades and releases. This web site provides information relevant to the model application, including business processes and changes or updates to the model, as well as many informational aids and tips.

Some pages in this site contain proprietary information and are restricted to University System of Georgia personnel. To obtain a user name and password, contact the ITS Helpdesk.

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